January 5, 2016

The Inside Scoop on So into You 

When developing Leighton character, I drew from what I thought it would be like to be born into a celebrity’s or politician’s family. I remember when Clinton was President how harsh the media was to Chelsey. Even the Bush daughters got into some trouble that teens have gotten into before, and it became plastered everywhere. We have seen celebrity children get into trouble as well. I imagine as much as we idolize their life. It’s far from the norm. You’re always compared to your parent, and their are a lot of expectation of what you’ll do. In addition, people want to get near you for all the wrong reasons, mostly for what they can get from you. I imagine it can for some be a very difficult and lonely existence.

For Leighton, she lives a very conservative life, trying not to gain any attention, has chosen a career not because it is what she wants but is what is expected, and has had her heart broken because of someone using her for their own gain. In addition, her father who she has a difficult relationship has done well in the polls and part of that is due to losing his son, her brother in Iraq war.