June 4, 2014

Inside Scoop on So Right with You

Once we learn we are having a baby, our primary hope is to have a healthy child. Sometimes, life sends us unexpected challenges. My own brother’s first child developed Leukemia and passed away at 14 months. I also have an aunt and uncle who had four children, two of which were born with Cystic Fibrosis.


Research from Book – Living with a sibling who has a chronically illness.


When I began brainstorming “So Right with You,” I knew there had to be a good reason for my hero, Garrett, to be so involved, but reluctant to receive any recognition for his work with the Foundation that supports kids with disabilities and illnesses.


From researching, I found that children with siblings who are ill can have both positive and negative reaction. Some may become a caregiver. Others may distance themselves from the ill sibling. I figured in adulthood, they may continue that role and choose careers as a care provider. Others, having separated themselves, may carry around negative feelings of guilt for having separated themselves from the ill sibling or maybe even a sense of abandonment by their parents if parents were understandably more protective of the sibling who is ill.


This gives us food for thought. Some of the stress these families experience can be eased by friends and family. The book reflects this mentality as friends and family come together to make things better for a teen with Leukemia that the Foundation is supporting.