April 6, 2014


Movies about Women’s Friendships

There is something that has always drawn me to the movies depicting the bonding between women. No matter how many times I see these movies. I want to watch them again the next time they’re on. These movies allow me to reflect on those experiences that are exclusive to women. Who else understands us better, truly has our back, is the best person to take on a road trip (Really, men do not make enough bathroom stops.), to laugh with, to go with us to see the women movies we can’t drag our men to (Who did you see Magic Mike with? I know who I went with.)? Who do we gossip with, and make us do things we’re dragging our feet to do, make us a better person, and are there for us in both good times and bad? This is probably why it plays such a prominent spot in my writing of The Girlfriends Series. Check out my books for more information. Here is a list of twenty movies to consider the next time you want to watch a movie that celebrates the friendships between women.

  1. Steel Magnolias
  2. Fried Green Tomatoes
  3. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya      Sisterhood
  4. Beaches
  5. Boys on the Side (Title says it      all)
  6. Now and Then
  7. Mystic Pizza
  8. Sex and the City (Okay, this is a      series as well as movies.)
  9. The Sweetest Thing
  10. Mona Lisa Smile
  11. The Women (There is a 1939 version      and a 2008 version. I happen to be partial to the 1939 but watch both and      make your own decision)

12.  Bride Wars

13.  Step Mom (Being friends with your husband’s new wife and they look like Julia

Roberts that’s a tough one, but we can all relate to the issues brought forward in

the movie.

14. Bridesmaids

15. 9 to 5

16. Roma and Michelle

17. The First Wives

18. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (Girls just love to share clothes)

19. How to Make an American Quilt

20. Thelma and Louise (Now that is taking the being at your back to the edge,


21. The Other Woman (Becoming BFFs with your husband’s mistresses. Wow! You have to check it out.

Let me know of any movies that I should add to my list.