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February 14,


Garrett and Chloe were married on February 14. Here is a love letter to celebrate their special day.

Love Letter from Garrett to Chloe

To my Red,

Since the moment we met, I have been drawn to you. At the start of our relationship, you were not mine to have, and I had to put those feelings aside. Despite our not being able to be together, I have to tell you, my feelings for you have grown each day. You were the light in my day. You got me better than anyone has before. Your smile lit up my world. Your tears brought it crashing down. Once you were free to be mine, I had to have you. I would have done anything to make you happy. I know that I have not always been very good at not expressing my love for you, and that has led to some misunderstandings between us. I will always regret the time that kept you away from me. Without you in my life, I was a shadow of the man I wanted to be. You are everything to me. I make this promise to you, as we are about to be joined together forever: Not a day will go by that I won’t let you know that I love you. Every smile you give me, I will cherish. And I will always be there to dry your tears. Forever, I shall adore you.

Love you always,