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October 25, 2013


Shout Out

Searching for a Cover Artist? I was astonished how quickly the cover artist from Covers by Cali was able to put together the perfect cover for the first book, “So Right with You” in The Girlfriend Series. This one is Chloe’s story. I provided her with a brief description of the characters and the book, and my ideas for a cover and in less than 24 hours, she had a beautiful cover design mockup for me. Thank you, Cali.


October 13, 2013

Writer’s Event: OCC RWA Birthday Bash

Group photo

This weekend, I spent it with old and new friends at the Orange County RWA Birthday Bash. I had a great time hanging out with my fellow writers, and I came home with inspirational quotes from well-known authors from evening event Creating Your Big Girl Pants.

As writers, we need support and encouragement to continue our craft under wavering self-confidence, demanding lives, and sometimes negative reviews. Attending writer events gives us opportunities to make social connections and gives us the necessary tools to navigate the ever changing world of publication.

Included in the picture from far left Heather Snow, Left front: Jennifer Haymore, Center: Erin Knightley,  Right: Skylar Kade, Jennifer Bernard, and Me far right.


October 6, 2013


Handling a Slight Delay:  The Road to Publication

This week, my editor let me know she needed additional time to complete editing on “So Right with You“. I thought I would be spending this weekend editing. Turning lemons into lemonade, I am trying to use this weekend to work on second book. These things happen and you can’t let them derail you from you’re optimal goal of writing the best books you can for your readers.


October 5, 2013


Troubling Emails – The Road to Publication

When I contacted a cover designer for my upcoming book, “So Right with You,” it was sent through my son’s email, which he has labeled: Mega Mushroom Luigi, not exactly the professional image I was looking to present.

So, I wrote letting her know of the miscommunication from the wrong email. She wrote that that she thought I was really into growing mushroom from all the pictures of mushrooms on the email.

My son, who loves video games, was of course not happy that his mom’s writing stuff had ended up on his site. For some reason, I was going through a series of technology glitches. Even though my son was signed out and I was signed in, this still happened. It was a freak of nature. I went on to have other issues.

 I was having trouble receiving and sending email from my email account. My two children who were much more tech savvy then their parents tried to help. In the end, my hero (husband) proceeded to set up new accounts for me. Let’s hope the new email works.